We’re dealing with two types of silicones, and they’re both fighting for the number 1 villain position.

On one side, we have linear silicones (dimethicone and dimethiconol), which can improve skin texture, fill in wrinkles, and help condition the hair, but aren’t biodegradable. Bummer.

On top of that, dimethicone is responsible for tumours and mutations in lab animal studies. Super cute.

On the other side, we have cyclical silicones (or siloxanes), which are next-level banned from Refrain. These airborn compounds, classified as persistant, bioaccumulative, and toxic substances, are travelling to places as far as the Arctic. They’re suspected endocrine disrupters and reproductive toxicants; and have caused changes in the nervous systems, livers, and immune systems of lab animals.

If you ask us, we’ll have none of that. R x

Credits: Stephanie Dinkel.

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