Updated: Feb 15, 2021

By now, you might know we don’t tend to overuse gloomy figures. That’s because we feel discussing solutions rather than problems is doing more for our moods and our planet.⠀

If this is still true this morning, we can’t help but thinking these numbers are our reality and we need to be able to talk about them. As a brand, we can’t just hope we’ll use cool fonts and colours and you’ll just be there, cash in hand, happy to jeopardise your future as long as the products we sell smell good and make your skin smooth.⠀

We simply won’t do it.⠀

We’ll use cool fonts and cool colours because the story of how we changed the beauty industry doesn’t need to be written in Arial. But zero brand can change the world. Empowered consumers can. You can.⠀

And because knowledge is power, we’re never going to avoid grim talks. We want to make sure we all know what we’re dealing with, so we can work together on tackling these issues.⠀

So hey, here you go.⠀

The beauty industry produces 120 billion units of single-use packaging every year. And it’s predicted that by 2050, landfills will be flooded with up to 12b tonnes of plastic generated by this industry alone.⠀

Here is the truth. Let’s not get used to it. Let’s feel uncomfortable in its presence and do everything we can to write a different future. R x

Credits: Prue Stent.

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